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Swaroop C H
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Hi Jesper,

Can we have some rough code statistics on BitBucket to give an idea of the progress and productivity of someone working on a project?

I personally use this script - to get an idea of the amount of work I put in each day.

It would be useful if I can just visit to see the same :)


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  1. Sven Ginka

    Issue #4721 extends the statistics feature. It also suggests to log and provide statistics for user downloads of executeables and other files to figure out which projects are most wanted and thus worth to put in some more work. Also Wiki site visits might be helpful to optimize page content.

  2. Anonymous

    This section of the Bitbucket Knowledge Base contains articles based on the mostly commonly asked questions pertaining to Bitbucket usage, features, and best practices.
    Articles in this section focus on the following:
    Particular Bitbucket functionality areas applicable to both Bitbucket Administrators and end users
    Admin and configuration guidance
    Suggested add-on's available via the Atlassian Marketplace
    Known workarounds and possible customization options ,,

  3. Anonymous

    About project keys

    Each project has a unique name (e.g. JIRA Junior) and a unique key (e.g. JJ). The project key becomes the first part of that project's issue keys, e.g. JJ-1, JJ-2, etc.

  4. Daniel Mason

    I would like to see Github-like statistics on my public BitBucket profile. (like on GitHub). the use case being that potential employers can see how active I am. I don't use GitHub because there are no private repositories and I can't store uni assignments and other code publicly.

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