Ability to make teams private (BB-8630)

Issue #7432 resolved
Nicholas Gaugler
created an issue

Any user or visitor can go to a team's profile and click on Members to see the individual members. This is a definite blocker for business users who pay for private repositories. On other repository management sites, you can make a user's membership into a team private, BitBucket does not have this feature. This seems fairly trivial and hopefully is easy to implement.

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Nicholas,

    Thanks for raising an issue. This is something that has been raised before and we have considered doing this.

    I have added this to our backlog, so watch this issue for any further updates.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Nicholas Gaugler reporter


    Thanks. Hopefully we can get add some urgency to the functionality for private teams. I don't foresee my company being able to utilize BitBucket when a list of our employees working in the team is visible to the world. Private profiles is really up to the member to determine how much content they put into their profile, but as a company, I can't have my entire team listed publicly.

  3. Lei Li

    Please help to bump up the priority of this feature.

    We were considering paying for more team member since we are growing, but can not make a team private is a show stopper. Now we are seriously considering moving to other platform.

  4. Nicholas Gaugler reporter
    • changed status to open

    They marked it as duplicate of a ticket that is marked as resolved. I am re-opening this ticket to bring it back to someones radar. I cannot imagine this feature will take very long to complete.

  5. G

    I don't see it in Sept 2017. I do see something about Access Controls but those features don't seem sufficient. Are teams public always now?

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