Create New File from UI (BB-8637)

Issue #7440 resolved
Dave Womer
created an issue

We now have the ability to edit source from the UI. Could you also add the feature to create a new file? This would be implemented similar to the Wiki pages.

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for raising this issue. We have received a few requests for this feature, and we have considered implementing this, but we don't intend to in the near future.

    Please watch this issue for further updates.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. E John Feig


    I'd have a couple of repositories of notes on bitbucket, where they're just collections of markdown files. It'd be a lot more convenient to be able to add files as needed within the site, as opposed to needing to clone the repo before creating a new file.

  3. Ali Imtiaz

    I think its a must have.

    I use bitbucket repositories to store shell/SQL scripts for re-use often working in workstations at various client sites without GIT/mercurial clients installed (not allowed to).

    This feature would be very handy in those kind of cases. where you store miscellaneous scripts using version control system that aren't related to any particular project or unrelated to other codes.

    Github has this functionality.

  4. Seb Em

    I could not find a button either, when starting the repo from scratch. I think this feature is important, as this use case must be common:

    • think about a project idea while I'm away from my regular developer tools
    • create it in bitbucket and write some notes or code drafts inside

    I could emulate such a button, without any apparent problem so far, by visiting this link:<username>/<repo>/create-file/tip/

  5. Manas Karekar

    I just started a repo that I didn't want to create and push from my local (public) machine. I just wanted to do a quick online edit and come back to it later from my personal machine.

    I see that this issue has been "resolved", is this pretty much a nail in the coffin for this idea?

  6. Brett Bendickson

    For anyone watching this issue, I created a new ticket, 12095, to specify creating a new file in an empty repo. Since this ticket is marked as resolved, I thought it might be a good idea. Toss your vote on 12095 if you think it's a good idea.

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