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Issue #7448 closed

Remove User Access (BB-8640)

Prasanna Patkar
created an issue

After click on remove user access - screen displays processing icon for indefinite period - page is not refreshed or no message is displayed that access has been revoked.

Comments (6)

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Prasanna,

    In order for us to investigate this further could you answer a few questions?

    • Does this problem occur on a particular browser or all browsers?
    • Do you see any errors in the error console?
    • Does this problem occur for all repositories or only for a particular repository?

    Any information you provide us will help us greatly.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Brian Nguyen


    Does this occur for you persistently or do you only experience this intermittently? I have tried this out myself on IE10 and haven't been able to reproduce this.

    Would you be able to print out the output of the error console? To do this in IE10:

    1. Open IE10 on the desktop (not metro)
    2. Click on the cog in the top right hand corner
    3. Click on 'F12 developer tools'
    4. Click on the 'Console' tab
    5. Refresh the page
    6. Try removing a user

    I have attached an image showing what to expect.

    Cheers, Brian

  3. Prasanna Patkar reporter

    I am not able to reproduce this in IE10. Attached screen shot of IE10 F12. The second screen shot delete user screen. When clicked it displays updating icon/image in place of delete btn and that goes on. And then nothing happens on screen. When page is revisited again - the user is gone from list.

    I suspect if user has made any updates to the repository this problem arises.

  4. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Prasanna,

    Thanks for that. I think I do know what the problem is now. I believe that the task has just taken too long to run and was terminated. This would explain the symptoms you are seeing.

    I've added this to our backlog, but I think this error shouldn't happen regularly.

    Cheers, Brian

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