SourceTree promotional banner misses opportunity to entice Windows users

Issue #7477 wontfix
Andrew Swan created an issue

There's an ad on Bitbucket that invites Mac users to use SourceTree instead of the git command line (see attached screenshot). However since ST is also available for Windows, it would be good if this ad could also invite Windows users to try ST. After all, a lot of developers do use Windows.

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  1. Andrew Swan reporter

    Unless that page is detecting the OS and already displaying the correct message to Windows users, in which case feel free to ignore this suggestion.

  2. Joel Unger

    You're right! We selectively show this ad to Mac users, yet we neglected to show one for Windows users. Thanks -- we'll get on this.

  3. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for pointing this out. We clearly missed a spot when we released SourceTree for Windows. That said the banner is actually not as effective as we would like (only a handful a month). So I'm closing this as we don't think it will actually be of much use.

    That said, thank you for reminding us to fix our ST for Windows messaging.

    Cheers, Brian

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