Intermediate certificate error from browsers and git client (BB-8736)

Issue #7492 resolved
Marcos Osorno
created an issue

On an updated Mac OS X 10.8.3, both updated Safari and updated Chrome complain about the SSL certificate. In addition, the CLI git command also complains. According to the CA website:, both and return the error "Your server is not sending the right intermediate certificates." The error text reads:

*Your server is sending outdated intermediate certificates. For optimal performance and security, you should update the intermediate certificates on your server.

To resolve this problem, log in to your account, and re-download the intermediate certificates, then update your intermediate cert file on the server and restart the service.

If you are not sure how to do this, please contact DigiCert support by live chat, email at, or phone at 801-701-9600.*

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Marcos,

    I am unable to reproduce this on any of my browsers or on git. I had a look around and while identifies a problem it does not identify what certificate is out of date. A number of other SSL certificate checkers also do no report any issues with our certificates.

    Could you tell me what version of Chrome/Safari you are using?

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Marcos Osorno reporter

    Hi Brian,

    The versions are Safari 6.0.4 and Chrome 27.0.1453.93. Software updater was run on the Mac and the internal Chrome one as well. Retried but no luck. On another Mac I'm not getting any complaints. I checked to see if I had a cert saved in my keychain on the working Mac, but didn't see anything that looked like it matched.



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