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Issue #7495 resolved

[wiki] subscript/superscript delimiters in TOC links (BB-8676)

Tom Roche
created an issue

I'm using bitbucket for scientific code (using git) and publishing (using the wiki, currently with creole). Your wiki mostly renders quite nicely, and particularly, better than github, from which I'm migrating. Even more particularly :-) the bitbucket wiki handles subscripts and superscripts much better than github, which is important for documents about chemistry.

However, I note that

https://bitbucket.org/tlroche/aqmeii-na_n2o/wiki/N2O_emission_inventories_over_AQMEII-NA_2008 (source produced by your Creole engine)
> <p><strong>table of contents</strong>
> <div class="toc">
>   <ul>
>       <li><a href="#!n2o-sources-and-sinks">N,,2,,O sources and sinks</a>

bug: visible delimiters in generated TOC link text

Note the subscript delimiters (commas) in the TOC link text are visible to the user, unlike the heading from which the TOC link is generated, which renders as intended.

feature: subscript properly rendered in the heading from which the buggy TOC link was generated

The visibility of the delimiters in the TOC link text is a bug (no?) which I would prefer to be fixed either (in descending order of preference) by

  1. rendering the TOC link text as a subscript, like its source heading currently does (e.g., '<a href="#!n2o-sources-and-sinks">N<sub>2</sub>O sources and sinks</a>')
  2. removing the subscript delimiters from the TOC link text, as they are currently removed from the TOC link target (e.g., '<a href="#!n2o-sources-and-sinks">N2O sources and sinks</a>')

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