Enable free access to issue tracker on private repos (BB-8680)

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Currently, to interact with the issue tracker, you need to be invited to the repository, thus counting against the available max-users limit of whatever plan you have. Assuming the intent is for the price plans to reflect the number of developers on the project, this does seem counterproductive, as a closed project either needs to pay for a priceplan counting every user and not just developer. Or, alternatively, find someplace else to communicate with users.

If it really is the intent to count users only participating issue tracking, the priceplans suddenly comes off as rather expensive.

My suggestion is to implement separate access rights for the repository itself and for the issue tracker, and only count users that are given any access to source (or more leniently are given write access to source).

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  1. Unknown Unknown reporter

    I was not aware. However this is still not what I want. That would enable anyone to follow the issues of the software. Currently the users of the software are also internal to the company I work for, and we don't want to be flaunting our dirty laundry in public.

  2. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for raising this issue. I understand the use case for allowing a user to only access the issue tracker and not the rest of the repository. Thus I have added this to our backlog.

    That said, I do not think we will be changing our access model (and thus our pricing model) in the near future.

    Cheers, Brian

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi AdamAL,

    We agree that we should allow more granular permissions around wiki and issues. However we would not allow those users to count toward your user limits.

    Thanks for understanding,


  4. Kevin Thompson


    Could you please clarify your statement above?

    (By the way, -granular permissions on wiki and issue -> GREAT, love it.)

    But your second statement: "However we would not allow those users to count toward your user limits."

    This seems to be exactly what AdamAL was asking for. I have been trying to find a definitive answer about this for quite awhile now.

    I would like to be able to designate some number of "customer" participants, with the ability to add / update issues relating to my project in the repo, but they should not be able to view or access the repo. They would not be developers on my team, nor associated with my account, and therefore they should not count toward my user limit. Is this what you are stating and confirming?

    Please clarify.

    Thanks very much, Kevin

  5. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry for that, I was not clear.

    I meant to say that those users would count toward your plan limit.

    It is our belief that users get quite a bit of functionality for free with our 5 user plan. We also feel that the payed tiers are very reasonably priced. If any aspect of our service is compelling such that you feel the need to share with more than 5 users we feel that it is reasonable to expect you to move to a payed tier.

    I am sorry basically stated the opposite of what I meant to say in my previous reply.



  6. Alex Prikhodko

    While opening new issues is a nice feature it's not enough. There must be a way to allow people (within/outside 5 person limit - doesn't matter) to have a full access to issue tracker and no access to repository. I.e. issue tracker must have its own permissions.

  7. Umer Nawab

    I would like to give my clients access to issue tracker only so that they can log issues related to application and could only see the status of issues logged by them.

  8. Riad Djemili

    The status currently shows [wontfix], so I guess this is never going to be in bitbucket? Is there some way to create an additional repository just for the sake of using its public bugtracker and still referencing the commits of the original repository?

  9. Merlin

    This also has my +1 (a year and a half later). I'd like to have a way to separate out testers (issue tracker users) from developers. I don't want testers to have access to my private repo.

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