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Issue #7512 new

Superscript/Subscript Implementation in Markdown (BB-8686)

Patrick Kolencherry
created an issue

I'd like to propose the addition of superscripts and subscripts to the flavour of markdown the Bitbucket uses. Since Bitbucket uses python-markdown, there's a plugin to enable superscripts with the markdown syntax of ^<superscript>^.

I'd suggest implementing subscripts as ^^<subscript>^^. Subscripts and superscripts are supported with Creole as the markup for wiki pages, but that support isn't there for markdown. It would really aid with writing technical wikis with footnotes.

Comments (13)

  1. kwx

    agree above, I would like to create a project to host coding contest problems from facdebook hacker cup and google code jam or potentially other contests too. Because of lacking this feature it seems I have to use github now...

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