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Issue #7521 duplicate

Repository not fully created

Jared Hanson
created an issue

I attempted to create a repository at the following location: https://bitbucket.org/sifteo/qtxhid

After submitting the form by hitting the "create repository" button, a response was never received. Now, whenever I go to that link, I get a 500 error. I also cannot create create another repo with this same name.

If this is in some unrecoverable intermediate state, I'd prefer the repo just be forcefully deleted so that I can recreate it under the same name.

Thanks, Jared

Comments (4)

  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi Jared,

    It appears that your repo exists, but there's a legitimate error that's preventing it from being displayed. I'm currently working to resolve the problem. Please watch issue #7513 for updates.

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