Folder name "Case Sensitivity" (BB-8699)

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JPhil created an issue

I have a weird behavior in my repository. I had a folder called "RSEQ.Application" and at some point I renamed that folder locally to "Rseq.Application".

When browsing the source from bitbucket, I can now see 2 folders with the same name with only the text case being different (see attached image bitbucket.png).

Locally when the repository is pulled, everything ends up in a single folder name "Rseq.Application", but it makes it hard to browse code from the website.

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  1. shuklasa

    We are also facing this issue in Project. and Build are not taking new changes(commits) because of this issue. Please raise the priority of this issue.

  2. Kaleb Elwert Account Deactivated

    This is simply a limitation with Windows and case-aware but case-insensitive filesystems. Git is a case-sensitive system and there have been two separate folders pushed up.

    Because Windows is case-aware, you can have folders with different cases, but because it's case-insensitive, only one can exist at a time. This causes problems with git which will try its best to handle this, but often runs into problems when the case of the folder on the local system does not match what is checked into git. When accessing the files, it can open them using the file names from the index, but when checking changes in, it may read the name of the file, which wouldn't match because of case differences.

    There are projects such as git-unite which try to solve this problem by unifying folder names in the git index to match the current case on Windows. The author has a write-up here:

    Long story short, this is not an issue with Bitbucket. If you check out this repo onto a case-sensitive filesystem, you will see that there are actually two folders in the repo.

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