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Issue #7535 resolved

Incorrect user when showing several branches

Ricardo Cadete
created an issue

Commited and pushed as "ricadete" using my favourite git client.

At bitbucket website I see the "Overview" tab -> "Recent History" the correct user, however when I change the view to see all branches, I got this user "sharewire_readonly"! I already check my configuration, everything is correct.

Please check attachments.

Comments (10)

  1. Zachary Davis

    Is "sharewire_readonly" a user that is associated with one of your email accounts? If so, it's possible that your local git settings are using that email (and thus the commit is associated with that user), but you pushed with your Bitbucket login (and thus the push activity is associated your ricadete account).

  2. Ricardo Cadete reporter

    Hi Zach,

    this is the email configuration for each user: ricadete -> ricardo.cadet@gmail.com sharewire_readonly -> ricardo.cadete@sharewire.net (no write permissions, used on build system)

    this problem happened after the merge, is quite confuse to track the code now. Can you help me on this?

  3. Zachary Davis

    If you do a git log locally are the commits in question correlated with ricardo.cadet@gmail.com (in which case there is a bug with Bitbucket) or with ricardo.cadete@sharewire.net (in which case it's a problem with your local git settings)?

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