Cannot access repository and push fails

Issue #7536 invalid
Nastaran Matthes
created an issue

We have problems accessing our repository at The web access does not work, the error code is 71e644fafc4249cc97106424176e4d8c.

Pushing via ssh does not work as well:

pushing to ssh:// searching for changes remote: adding changesets remote: adding manifests remote: adding file changes remote: added 66 changesets with 205 changes to 107 files (-1 heads) remote: Traceback (most recent call last): remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 111, in get_response remote: response = callback(request, callback_args, callback_kwargs) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 216, in call remote: self._nr_instance, args, kwargs) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 475, in wrapper remote: return wrapped(*args, kwargs) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 39, in wrapped_view remote: resp = view_func(args, kwargs) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 52, in wrapped_view remote: return view_func(*args, kwargs) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 25, in inner remote: func(request, phase, environ=environ) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 52, in hghook remote: return func(repo.ui, repo, environ=environ, **dict(request.POST.items())) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 1591, in wrapper remote: push = HgPush(repo2, kwargs.get('node', tipsha), tipsha) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 1606, in init remote: self._newbranchmap = repo._repo.branchmap() remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 507, in branchmap remote: self.updatebranchcache() remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 501, in updatebranchcache remote: self._branchtags(partial, lrev) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 483, in _branchtags remote: self._updatebranchcache(partial, ctxgen) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 586, in _updatebranchcache remote: bheads = sorted(bheads, key=lambda x: self[x].rev()) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 586, in <lambda> remote: bheads = sorted(bheads, key=lambda x: self[x].rev()) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 227, in getitem remote: return context.changectx(self, changeid) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 84, in init remote: self._node = repo.branchtip(changeid) remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 521, in branchtip remote: if branch not in self.branchmap(): remote: TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable remote: remote: transaction abort! remote: rollback completed remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup.bb_perm hook failed [command returned code 1 Thu Jun 06 10:21:59 2013]

There were temporary problems yesterday too.

Please fix this as soon as possible, we cannot do our work as long as the problem exits.

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