500 error accessing repo after pushing tags on new repo

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I've recently created a private repository and after pushing tags with

git push --tags

The repo is now not accessible, with issue: d3a9b1b52f0c45d3baca2f26fd8a02aa

I have noticed that that the push does not terminate cleanly, it hangs and connection appears to eventually be forcefully terminated.

I'm in the process of cloning the repo which appears to be working as it should

Can you please suggest a solution or have a look at this please

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  1. openTEST reporter

    Thank you Zach for your time,

    I've noticed that when I initially push to bitbucket the connection times out and does NOT exit cleanly, the same is true when pushing tags; I'm using:

    git push -u origin --all

    followed by: git push --tags

    I've also noticed that trying to clone this repo on a Linux 64bit system with 2GB of RAM fails, it appears to use all available RAM at the resolving deltas stage and eventually states 'Killed'.

    Anyway thanks for looking at this

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