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Issue #7548 resolved

Access Management users dissapearing, cannot access (BB-8726)

Juan Lomán
created an issue

One of my team's repositories just started presenting a weird issue where the users list in the Config > Access Management section suddenly dissapears and is replaced by a single line "(Resend invitation)".

This started happening right after adding a user by its email address. Some members of the team can't access the repository now.

I've discovered that clicking anywhere (navigation-wise, including the very same Access Management section link, also by pressing F5) triggers the error (see screenshot "2 - After").

I can see the correct list again (see screenshot "1 - Before") by logging out and in, or by pressing CTRL+F5.

Maybe some data got corrupted and is now inconsistent?

Comments (9)

  1. Juan Lomán reporter

    Yes. Although the members can access the repository now, the UI issue I described is still present.

    While looking at the debugger console, I found the following: When first loading the webpage, nothing is wrong (the UI shows the correct list). However, after clicking on "Access Management", two errors are produced (see this screenshot) and the issue is seen.

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