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Issue #7561 duplicate

Issue tracker is full of +1 comments

Juha Kuitunen
created an issue

Is it possible for you to instruct users not to post only +1 comments to issues and encourage them to watch the issues instead? Many good comments just gets buried under the +1 spam. Not to mention the Notification spam those comments causes...

One possible place for it could be the placeholder text What do you want to say? in write a new comment textfield.

Comments (5)

  1. Gabe D

    lol @ ville, and as a suggestion, add a required amount of characters(like 25+) to submit a new comment, this should help stop spam as most users who submit useful comments usually say more than a word or two. and Juha Kuitunen what will changing the placeholder change? People probably don't even read that. This should also save some of bitbucket's database as saving tons of +1's really does nothing for code.......

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    Fully agree with this issue. I'm going to close this as a duplicate though, as we already have an issue to add votes to the issue tracker, which I think will address the +1's adequately.

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