Allow team owner default on repository create dialog (BB-8734)

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David Schlyter
created an issue

We use bitbucket teams to manage the various codebases of our company. Our aim is to have all repositories with the team account as owner, since that is a lot more maintainable than scattered personal repositories.

When creating new repositories it is quite easy, especially for users inexperienced with bitbucket, to miss changing the owner from the own account (default) to the team account.

We could make sure to educate everyone, and make sure to hunt down and assimilate any personal repo being created (they can be difficult to notice), but that seems like tedious work that could be avoided.

It would be better if the default was more in line with how we work. We also assume that we are not the only ones using bitbucket mainly for the team feature, so this feature should benefit most users of team accounts.

Our suggestion is one of the following:

a) Default to Team account under the right conditions 1. When using the create repository dialog, the owner chosen should be the default owner the next time the dialog is used. 2. If user belongs to a team, has no personal repositories and has not commited to any repositories outside the team, default to the team account.

b) Allow the default owner to be configurable, configuration should default to the team account if the user signed up from a team invite email and to the own account otherwise.

Option a) is preferable in our opinion

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