[source commits browser] README.md button=Raw shows rendered HTML, not raw Markdown

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Tom Roche
created an issue

I recently wanted to yank some Markdown markup from a previous commit, so I browsed from a project page to its section=Source to its README.md commits to a version of the README that I wanted, appropriately rendered (as HTML). Since I want to access its raw Markdown (to copy), I hit button=Raw ... which shows me more rendered HTML, just like the previous page, though without the bitbucket UI "wrapping."

Should't clicking a button marked "Raw" show me the raw Markdown for the file?

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  1. Tom Roche reporter
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    Zach Davis

    Perhaps your browser (or an extension you have installed) automatically renders the markdown as html?

    Indeed, I had a markdown-viewing extension installed, which I have now disabled. Apologies for the noise ...

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