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Issue #7587 resolved

Can't select destination branch in pull request to upstream repository (BB-8757)

Chris Lee
created an issue

I have a fork of a git repository I need to submit some changes to.

I when I create the Pull Request on the Bitbucket WebUI, I can select the source branch (username/forkrepo/events-squash), but I can't enumerate the destination branch I want to merge it with (username/upstreamrepo/events).

The drop-down for selecting forkrepo branches is populated, but Bitbucket doesn't enumerate the branches for upstreamrepo.

Please see the attached screenshots. Problem occurs on both Chrome 27.0.1453.110 m and Firefox 6.0

Comments (11)

  1. Greg Leeds

    I'm still seeing the issue. One of my team members found a workaround that if you click the empty dropdown, and then on the magnifying glass icon, you can type the name of the upstream branch, hit enter, and it will be selected, although you cannot see what you have typed, so you can't be sure you did it right until after you create the pull request.

  2. Omar Kamali

    I encounter the same behaviour when I try to make a pull request to a repo that has no commit yet, no branches are displayed in the destination branch dropdown. Is it expected to behave like this ?

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