Error with permissions to objects git repo (BB-8784)

Issue #7594 resolved
meta vurt
created an issue

Wondering if this is the same as

error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database .git/objects error: Error building trees

Also, just making sure it's not something on my end. I've combed various git sites and SO pages and haven't been able to resolve. I've clone repo three times now, seeing maybe if I needed a fully refreshed repo, but same result. I can do everything but merge/update to master.

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  1. Zachary Davis
    • changed status to open

    We checked the file permissions on our side, and were unable to find anything amiss. Have you checked your file permissions locally (I'm totally just guessing here)?

  2. meta vurt reporter

    shizzle. that makes me sad. I'll check on my end, and I'll do a fresh clean clone, and try (try try try) again. Thanks for your time so far, Zach, really appreciate it.

    For the record - here are the steps I'm trying to do, in order to do a couple simple updates:

    1. checkout [feature-name] 2.update, confirm locally w shotgun, commit
    2. checkout dev
    3. merge to dev
    4. update locally and confirm using shotgun, commit
    5. checkout master
    6. merge to master
    7. confirm locally w shotgun, commit
    8. connect to server @exhibition-interactive with admin approved account
    9. navigate to proper dir
    10. pull origin master
    11. touch tmp/restart.txt
    12. pull origin master
    13. confirm LIVE and public on server

    I get no errors until step 11. And that's when it literally stops me cold.

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