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Issue #7615 resolved

Image upload in pull request comments (BB-8802)

Monica Nguon
created an issue

When commenting a pull request, we currently have the possibility to add an image using a URL.

It would be so smooth to be able to upload an image directly from a computer to a pull request comment!

Comments (13)

  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Monica,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I agree, this would be a neat feature! I'm going to leave this issue open and we'll update it if and when we begin work on this feature.


  2. Ben Tatham

    Screenshots would be nice too, like is available in JIRA itself.

    As a work around for now, I attach images/screenshots to the related JIRA issue (since we are using feature branches that correspond to JIRA issues as well, it is easy to correlate back).

  3. Jon

    Ben Tatham same here. I also will then grab the URL of the jira-uploaded image and use that in my bitbucket pull request comment. So far it's a bit tedious, but works perfect. I understand if the BB team doesn't want to host images for BB pull requests in general, but it'd sure be nice if, at least for their Jira customers they could give the option in BB to upload it in the pull request interface and have it actually get piped to the relevant Jira ticket as an attachment there. It would simply be a convenience shortcut for the process I currently use.

    Ooh ooh, and as long as we're wishing, it'd be great if the BB pull request did what Jira does with lightbox. That way if you attach images to your pull request they're not so huge they push the code diff way down the page :)

  4. Martha Westman


    THANK YOU! This is awesome! I've been telling everyone that Bitbucket has this functionality and they're becoming more and more inclined to making the switch. :)

    I did, however, want to mention an issue that I found.

    When creating issues, we like to include screenshots. While my team and I were creating them, we realized that the images don't show up in our emails.


    We didn't know why it was happening. Then one of us tried to add a screenshot like we previously did, before we had this new (and AMAZING) functionality. Which worked.


    Any idea what this could be?

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