@ mention auto-complete should always show any of my matching team members first (BB-8826)

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Jeremy Weathers
created an issue

I understand that you refuse to limit the auto-complete to current team members in private repositories. What you should understand from the other issues I've seen on this is that the current auto-complete is practically useless.

  1. I am always much more likely to @ mention someone on the current team than someone off the team (for public repos, I'd assume I'm much more likely to mention someone who has already contributed, submitted a pull request, etc)
  2. I do not remember the usernames some of my team members have created (which are unrelated to their legal names)
  3. Given the vast number of user accounts, I can type my team members' full names and still not see my team members in the auto-complete list

Even if I only type "@A" - the top result should be one of my team members that has an "a" in their name or username - any partial match in my team always takes precedence over other users.

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  1. Jeremy Weathers reporter

    To be more specific - if I remember the username my team member picked (often unrelated to their real name, and which the Bitbucket UI does not show in preference for their real name) and type that for an @ mention, then sometimes they will show up at the top of the list.

    If, however I start typing the team member's real name after the @ I will see other non-team-members - with real names, not user names, that match my typing - before I see my team member.

    Real world example - one of my team members is Joseph McCormick (esmevane) - If I type @ and then "esm" the top result is "Elwa System Management Inc." (username - esm); I do not see Josh until I type "esmev". However, since Bitbucket never shows me directly that Josh is "esmevane", I think of him as "Josh" (or "Joseph" on those occasions that I remember his full first name). Even when I type @ and "jos" I still don't see him anywhere on the matches - who is first - Jose Herrera (username 0bs0n). In this case you're clearly matching names over usernames, but you don't bother prioritizing my team members.

    The autocomplete feature is currently useless for teams.

  2. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Jeremy,

    I've created a ticket in our internal tracker for this. We prioritize new issues on a pretty regular basis, so I'll update this public issue when I have more information to share.


  3. Anonymous

    Hmm.. If I accidentally add someone outside the team to a review for a pull request in a private repository, will that person get rights to look at the code in the pull request??

  4. Carl Gieringer

    I came here looking for groups too. It's really tedious to add the same team members to every pull request when really I just want to add the 'engineering team' or 'scala reviewers' etc.

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