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Issue #7629 closed

Importer reports wrong error (BB-8807)

Tom Ekberg
created an issue

First I created a GIT repository (rounduplm) to hold the contents.

Then I tried to use the importer to retrieve files from a remote SVN repository which required authentication. As part of the authentication I entered my username/password. When I hit ENTER the error I got back was 'authentication error'. I did it 3 times to make sure I typed it in right and caps lock was off. Same error. I happened to scroll down and noticed that it was complaining that the GIT repository already exists. I deleted the rounduplm GIT repository and used the importer successfully this time.

The importer improperly reported 'authentication error' when it should have reported something like 'repository already exists' at the top of the page.

Comments (3)

  1. Venkat Naveen

    where is answer!! the issue still exist. I don't understand, if some one doesn't have activity it doesn't mean that the issue is fixed. if you are not able to provide the answer just don't open the ticket's.

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