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Issue #7633 invalid

500 error on repository open

Marek Šmolík
created an issue

Hello, I've made push after a bit longer time and I can't reach repository now. Push made from Visual Studio 2012, using Git extensions...

Debug code: db736c68cb464e4cbee6a4119fddc7ad

Thanks in advance :-)

Comments (2)

  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Marek,

    The public issue tracker is primarily intended for site-wide issues. If you are still unable to access your repository, please contact support@bitbucket.org for additional assistance.


  2. Marek Šmolík reporter

    Thanks for the information, I'll try the contact then. I still can't reach the repo - I just thought it could be "site-wide issue", something like "if you push this way, you break your repo". Thank you for your time, Best regards Mark

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