not appeared logged in on the Download page (BB-8823)

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Pierre Joye
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While any other section of the site works, appearing logged in, the download page sees me as not being logged:

It means I can't upload new releases, any idea?

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  1. Pierre Joye reporter

    It shortly worked, allowed me to upload one package, it seems it was correctly uploaded (Download menu while being on other pages show 10 downloads). But the download page itself does not show it, looks like a caching issue.

  2. Paul Rupe

    It's happening to me right now on my mcpatcher repository. Overview, Source, Commits, Pull Requests, and Wiki all show me logged in. Downloads shows the Sign up and Login buttons instead (looking at it right now in another tab). It's not a browser caching issue in my case. I cleared my cache, went straight to the bitbucket homepage to log in, then navigated to my repo.

    Refreshing the downloads page seems to work about 1 in 20 times for me. Then I can upload a file, and if I'm lucky I'll be taken back to the logged in page. If not I have to do it all over for the next upload.

  3. Joos Kiener

    Yeah issue still persist but the workaround from Paul Rupe does work.


    Note: This could be related to proxy server because in my home network I think I never had the issue.

  4. Zachary Davis
    • changed status to open

    While I don't doubt that this is a real bug since so many people have seen it, nobody on the team has been able to reproduce it, and from a code standpoint there's nothing on the downloads page that should set it apart in this regard. Any additional information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  5. kulti

    Zach Davis, hope this helps:

    1. try to run incognito mode(I use Ctrl+Shift+N under chromium 29.0.1547.57);
    2. visit any download page of your project;
    3. logged in on this page with login and password; 4 "enjoy!"
  6. Vinay Sajip

    I get the same problem, on both Firefox and Chrome, running on Ubuntu Oneiric 32-bit. Since a browser cache clear doesn't solve the problem but a query string does, could it be a caching problem on the CDN? Do you developers go through the same CDN that we users do?

  7. Norman Gray

    This is also affecting me (so count one more), and the fake-query workaround does work for me, but I'm afraid I can't add any more details about how to reproduce it. (I'm using Chrome on this occasion).

  8. Matthew Plough

    Seems like some kind of caching issue but I can't be sure. It's not a local cache, as things are getting pretty weird. I'm running Windows 7 through VMware Fusion on OSX -- two OSes, same machine, same time.

    I've been logged in through Chrome on OSX for a while and the downloads page on my repo was working. I then logged in through Chrome on Windows 7 in VMware to upload a freshly built Windows executable. The issue appeared. I then refreshed the page on OSX and the issue appeared there, too! Bizzaroworld. Is there some weird IP-based caching going on in the Bitbucket servers?

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