Repository not accessible and multiple ssh identities issue

Issue #7658 invalid
George Vagenas
created an issue

Hi all,

I am having an issue to access the repository I get a "500 Something went wrong" page with debug id: 9567b3e548db40eab5979a01410b2cce.

Recently, i created a second user and fixed ssh-keys according to:

My ~/.ssh/config defines one alias for the second username and points to the second ssh identity.

So for the repositories the belong to the second user, i use git@ALIAS instead of and this is working ok.

For the repositories that belong to the first user, i use the standard url but still i can see from the notification emails, that commits are from the second username.

Each user contains the appropriate ssh-keys. User1 has ssh-key1 configured and User2 has key2. So even if something wrong happened locally, bitbucket shouldn't accept my commits to a repo that the user doesn't have permissions.

I think thats the reason the repository i mention earlier is not working.

Thanks George

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