Code window width doesn't re-size with browser (BB-8837)

Issue #7669 closed
Seth Moore
created an issue

The width of the code window does not re-size with the browser width. If the file being reviewed contains lines of code that exceed the width of the code window and the file is longer vertically than the page, this requires you to scroll down to the bottom of the file and lose your place just to scroll over horizontally.

This makes it very hard to review code that runs off the screen horizontally.

If the code window can't be re-sized, perhaps a word-wrap feature could be added.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi Seth,

    Thanks for reporting this, it's definitely an interesting usability concern. I think most of us on the team have horizontal scrolling built in to our mice and trackpads so we never really noticed it.

    I've created a ticket in our internal tracker and we'll update this public issue when we have more information.


  2. John Hsu

    Github has a shortcut by visiting following url (it almost works well):


    Maybe there's a similar trick in bitbucket?

  3. Seth Moore reporter

    Here's the bookmarklet work around I'm using (thanks @John Hsu ):


    It's still irritating that this issue won't be fixed, especially seeing how easy it is to fix it.

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