Add support for 'include' directive in reStructuredText preview in source browser (BB-8854)

Issue #7682 wontfix
Matt Williams created an issue

It would be great if the include directive worked in the source browser.

The documentation for it is at and an example of where I would like it to work is at

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  1. Jonathan Mooring

    Hey Matt,

    You're right, this would be neat. There isn't currently any time scheduled for markup work on our roadmap, but I've raised an issue in our internal tracker and will update this public issue when we have more to share.


  2. Arto Bendiken

    Hopefully you'll reconsider in the future. I just encountered this problem myself. It seems that for the time being content just has to be duplicated verbatim into the README file, which is pretty unfortunate and not very maintainable in the long run.

    As suggested in the corresponding GitHub feature request, security issues could be avoided by simply only permitting includes from the current directory and its subdirectories, which is the only thing that makes sense for top-level README files anyhow.

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