Comments hidden in pull requests (BB-8853)

Issue #7683 resolved
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When a user comments on a pull request on a line of code that isn't shown by default (e.g., isn't in the near vicinity of the committed changes) it's unclear where in the file the comment is located.

The only indication that there is a comment appears to be the number next to the comment icon which, if clicked, scrolls the page slightly but does not reveal the comment.

This may not be a bug per se, but coming recently from Crucible which showed comments on skipped lines in gray italics it's something I miss. At the very least I think clicking a link for the comment should take you to where you can see it without having to click one of several ellipses buttons (and guessing which one, at that).

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Jon,

    You're absolutely right, this isn't a very friendly user experience. I've created a ticket in our internal tracker and will update this public issue when we have more to share.


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