Pushing changes to Wiki does not generate new entries in Newsfeed and repository's Recent Activity feed (BB-8944)

Issue #7686 open
Juha Kuitunen created an issue

Editing Wiki via web UI creates new entry (created wiki-page, edited wiki-page etc.) to Newsfeed and repository's Recent Activity feed. The problem is when cloning Wiki, then edit it offline and pushing changes back to Bitbucket these two feeds are not updating.

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    Correct, we do not record these events when manipulating the wiki directly as a repository. Will leave this on hold so we can add them later.

  2. Juha Kuitunen reporter

    For starters it could be similar message to those feeds have already: {username} pushed 1 commit to Wiki at {owner}/{slug}

  3. Irvan Putra

    For clarification, this also doesn't trigger notification. But perhaps adding it to feed (for wiki changes) will also fix it.

    This is minor issue, but will be blocking my team decision to use BitBucket's wiki (unfortunately).

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