Make priorities optional in the issue tracker UI (BB-8871)

Issue #7706 closed
Dan Loewenherz
created an issue

Some people may have workflows that don't use priorities, so it would be nice if they were optional.

In my workflows, priorities are just another way of communicating in what order something should be done. And since this is already exposed in the UI through milestones, why have both? I'd like not to have to specify one when I don't use it.

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  1. Dan Loewenherz reporter

    I'm all for simple too!

    Wouldn't removing priorities be a positive step in this direction? My main impetus for filing this issue is that priorities make the issue tracker more complicated, not less.

  2. Michael LeBarron

    Forcing both "kind" and "priority" doesn't keep the issue tracker simple, it makes it more complex. The inability to change this stuff is one of the main reasons that gets brought up every time we consider switching to bitbucket.

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