Hosting static website with submodules. (BB-8868)

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I'm currently hosting a small site in one of my repos (ie:; however, I would like to be able to link to other repos/projects from my bitbucket site.

I realize that Bitbucket already has instructions for hosting multiple sites:

But, if I'm not mistaken, the only way to do this (and have it work on bitbucket) is to put all of ones projects into the same repo, and have them seperated by subfolders. This doesn't make much sense to me...

I tried adding my other projects as submodules to my bitbucket hosted site/repo, but this didn't seem to work when I clicked a link pointing to a submodules' index.html file (ie:

Perhaps, I'm missing something simple. Perhaps it an enhancement that Bitbucket could add.


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  1. François Moreau

    Using a single repository for multiple websites does not sound advisable: each website is a project in itself with distinct history and collaborators. Hence, submodules is the way to go to divide the into Git submodules. It's quite unfortunate that Bitbucket refuses to reckognize this Git feature for static websites.

    It's definitely not a duplicate of #3932, which is about having a project page.

  2. Maria Campbell

    I agree. I just tried to host a second project under my first hosted project, and I kept on getting merge conflicts as well as the fact that it just didn't work. And I followed the documentation. Not being able to view one's work like you can on Github is definitely not a good thing. There is room for much improvement for Bitbucket Pages.

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