Grey blurb icon on shouldn't be an arrow (BB-8866)

Issue #7714 invalid
Daniel Baird
created an issue

Just a little design note: I reckon the sideways grey arrows used to denote a 'comment' status on the status page shouldn't be an arrow, it should be something non-directional like a diamond or something.

The up and down arrows are good clear indications of systems-up and systems-down on the messages they're attached to, but the sideways arrow in the "this is just commentary, no change" icon is giving a strong visual cue that isn't carrying any actual information. So it ends up being distracting.

Off the top of my head, I reckon a diamond the same size as the arrow head would be a nice alternative. If you guys use Inkscape I could even knock it up for you, just lemme know where to find the original sources.

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