Activity log for pullrequest shows "no context available" even though on "Overview" the comment is available.

Issue #7726 resolved
created an issue

In activity I see: "calvindhsu commented on a file but no context is available"

In overview: The comment shows up in-line.

Expected example: "calvindhsu commented on File.cs:330" etc

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  1. Dusty Kline

    Almost 3 years later and this still happens. Please reopen? For more context, here are repro steps:

    • On the "Overview" tab of a PR, click the "Comment" button right next to the filename header
    • Add a comment
    • On the activity tab, the comment shows up but without any indication of which file it originated from, with the message "[user] commented on a file but no context is available".

    It's a pretty confusing bug since every file in the PR has a "comment" button, it definitely sets the users' expectations that clicking the button for a particular file will result in the comment being strictly associated with that file, or at the very least, the then-current revision of that file.

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