OAuth login page to support mobile browsers (BB-8927)

Issue #7744 duplicate
Ville Saalo
created an issue

Currently when you are using OAuth according to the instructions here, the Step 3 is to "Redirect the user to Bitbucket to authorize your application". Now, the page that the user is redirected to is, by default, the login page. On a mobile browser it's a quite terrible user experience: the user must zoom in and scroll around just to log in!

Please make the login page to scale gracefully to small screens. If the current page cannot be made to do that, please create a new page and allow the authentication URL requester to specify the type of login page they want as a parameter in the call.

(Attached: screenshot from Chrome for Android on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.)

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  1. Juha Kuitunen

    issue #5795 seems to be about making whole Bitbucket website optimized for mobile devices. Those mobile apps which uses only API does not need complete website optimized, only a better login form.

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