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Issue #776 invalid

-t, -u parameters and a difference between versions

Anonymous created an issue

hi, i am trying to download a video which needs age confirmation so i used the following command:

youtube-dl.py -u myusername http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRnXkrHFcH0

the strange thing is the difference in the output of the program depending on the version used. I have been happy using the 2008.04.20 version, with which i obtained:

Type YouTube password and press return:

Logging in... done.

Confirming age... done.

Retrieving video webpage... done.

Extracting URL "t" parameter... failed.

ERROR: unable to extract URL "t" parameter.

so i decided to use the latest version (2009.05.30) and obtained a python error with unicode and stuff, without even requesting my password. My question is, how can i download my video?

P.D.:i've never used -u option before, i guess that's what it is for.