Issue #7767 resolved

Unable to confirm email address (also used as my Atlassian ID) in Bitbucket

Justin Hyland
created an issue

I created an account using the same email address for id and bitbucket (bitbucket account was created first). I have been attempting the "Confirm" my email address via "resend confirmation" on the bitbucket application but the email doesn't get sent anymore. When I did get the emal, clicking on the "Confirm email" link in the email would take me to the Atlassian ID login, not the Bitbucket email confirmation page. I have attempted to delete and recreate the Bitbucket account with no success. I was able to add and confirm a different email address with my account but this is not my primary address. The problem seems to only exists with the email that is being used on both accounts.

Note: I had to remove email address in order to submit this Issue. This is also related to

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