allow syntax for creating pull requests from a commit message (BB-8993)

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Lee Elenbaas
created an issue

Currently a pull request can be referenced from a commit but it will be great if a pull request could be started and linked from a certain commit onwards until the pull is accepted or rejected

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  1. Lee Elenbaas reporter

    In a workflow that uses mostly the development environment - the main tool the developer have in his hands are commit messages

    a developer can signal from a commit that he has completed his development on an issue from a commit message - the next step is to open a pull request for the changes he made in order to combine them with the master branch

    but that process has to be started manually - it will be better if this process was able to start automatically from a command in the commit message

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    How do you envision this would work? What command would you want to type in the commit message to create a PR. Should this command allow specifying a particular destination branch and/or reviewers?

  3. Lee Elenbaas reporter

    i thought i already replied to this using email - never-mind here it my reply:

    i expects that the defaults will be to open a pull request from the branch that the commit belongs too - to the main branch of that repository and that reviewers should be the default list of reviewers for that repository (yes it can be the same user - or you can remove the user performing the commit from that list)

    one such possible syntax is (where [] means optional):

    #create-pull-request [target [repo/]branch] [review by @user1[,@user2,...]] [Description text until end of line - possibly allowing extend to next line sytax like \ at end of row]

    there needs to be also some way for this to interact with the Jira DVCS - so i suggest that the description of the PR can be used for performing commands on jira using the DVCS connector - once that PR is approved (can be done by placing that description in the merge commit)

  4. Jesse Yowell staff

    It seems like we won't get to this before a number of other features we are rolling out soon. After carefully looking at this, it may break a lot more things regarding PRs

  5. Lee Elenbaas reporter

    Thanks for considering it for us right now since we can not automatically start a PR from the code in an easy way - this means that our code reviews will continue not use your tools (at least for now)

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