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Issue #7788 resolved

Provide sorting options for repository list (BB-14632)

Samuel Haddad
created an issue

I personally would like to have my repositories sorted in an alphabetical order.

I prefix all my repository names with a meaning like

  • IT-Repo1
  • IT-Repo2
  • Sales-Demos
  • Sales-Samples
  • Consulting-Client1
  • Consulting-Client2

This stems from the fact that there is a lack of an ability to group my repos. If we can't get that then sorting might be a quick fix.

Comments (27)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    We used to sort alphabetically, but then we got users that rather had them sorted on activity, which I think ultimately makes more sense.

    A better solution here is to be able to provide some way to group/categorize/label repos and so I'm going to close this as a duplicate of that existing issue.

  2. Patrick O'Keeffe

    If the repo list used to be sorted alphabetically, then the mistake was replacing functionality instead of increasing it.

    Do note #2323 is about grouping repos, not sorting them. I hope implementing groups would also imply the ability to sort within groups but that's not necessarily a good assumption.

  3. Joshua Golub

    I could live without grouping if I had sorting, since (as someone already pointed out) you can gain grouping through the use of a common prefix.

    For me, "sort by activity" makes sense when I want to go in and just see what's been going on lately. That doesn't happen too often.

    Instead, most of the time my goal is "go to Repository XYZ", in which case recent activity is irrelevant.

    My 2 cents.

  4. Andrew Mould

    This really is not a duplicate of #2323 - though having an alphabetizing feature would make the lack of groups (ie #2323) a little more bearable. The BB UI is a pita when you have more than a pageful of repositories. User-selectable sort options (both inside and outside of groups) are a must have feature to make navigation easier.

  5. Garret Wilson

    I go into my team "Acme" and all the repositories are still sorted by last-updated date. How do I sort them in alphabetical order by the repository name? As others have said, rather than address this issue they went and created something else.

    So Zachary Davis , why was this marked as resolved? We don't have sorting options for repositories.

    The repositories are listed in a table. The table has headers: "Repository", "Project", and "Last updated". Clicking on the header should allow me to sort the table in ascending/descending order by that column, and the site should remember my choice. That's the normal, expected functionality across the web.

  6. Rob Widdick

    We group our repositories by client. We have a lot of clients. With it not being in alphabetical order, it's very difficult to know where a client is in the dropdown... it's a big pain to try and search through the lazy loaded list.

    It would make sense to:

    1. Add the quick search feature - something like http://jsearchdropdown.sourceforge.net/ - or even better, this: https://select2.github.io/
    2. Alphabetically order the list from 0-9, A-Z
    3. Put the "Create new" link on the top of the list for easier access (instead of scrolling down -- right now you have to lazy load ALL projects before you have the opportunity to create a new project)
  7. Zachary Davis

    I marked this as resolved because sorting is available on the dashboard repository list which I, perhaps mistakenly, assumed was what this bug was referring to. I'm happy to reopen until sorting is added to the profile repository list as well.

  8. Garret Wilson

    Zachary Davis , I had not realized that sorting was available on the dashboard. Yes, this is exactly the thing we need in the other areas!! For example, when I click on my team Acme, I want to have the same sorting functionality, whether we're under the "Overview" tab or the "Projects" tab. That would be so swell!!

    So do you want to re-open this issue, or should we create another issue?

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