Pullrequest create times out on hg repo with many branches (BB-8941)

Issue #7789 resolved
Георгий Скотников
created an issue

Visit page with my repository at https://bitbucket.org/nazya/nazya1/ and make pull request then the server try to load page https://bitbucket.org/nazya/nazya1/pull-request/new and in a few seconds get 500 error.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    What I can see is that the operation is timing out on your repository. Your repo has a lot of (closed) branches, which currently slows down the generation of the branch dropdowns on the create page.

    In this particular case it becomes so slow that it hits the timeout threshold and gets killed.

    I have raised an internal issue to address this, but I'm afraid that at this point I don't have a workaround. I ran a few tests and since it is close to the timeout threshold, it is possible that sometimes it will work, so you could give it a few tries in the meantime.

    We'll update this issue as we work on it.

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