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Issue #7790 resolved

All comments in pull request marked outdated with no commit

Ali Tavakoli
created an issue

In a pull request on a private repo belonging to sandvineps (details can be provided off-thread), a number of comments were made across multiple files, but all of them were deemed outdated within a few hours, without any commits since the comments were made. This was noticed after some comments were replied to, so I'm not sure if the replies triggered this, or if there were marked outdated for some other reason.

We use comments in pull requests as as register of open issues for a feature branch, so for us, and anyone else who uses comments the same way, this is a critical bug that disrupts our workflow.

Comments (7)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    For us to be able to look into this further, we'll really need details about the repo, pull request and specific comments involved. Can you contact support@bitbucket.org and provide us with that?

  2. Ali Tavakoli reporter

    Hi Erik,

    As requested, I have emailed the repo & pull request info to the email above (subject: "Regarding Issue #7790").

    To clarify, the problem affected all comments (there were about 70) made by me between July 18 5:00 AM - 7:00 AM Eastern. Sometime after that (possibly after a teammate replied to one of them), they all showed as outdated, even though there was no commit on that branch.

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