Don't allow people to post +1 on an issue tracker (BB-8952)

Issue #7794 resolved
Алексей Стрелков created an issue

This is really very annoying, because everyone who posts "+1" does not really help with a constructive comment, but keeps spamming all the watchers' email inboxes.

Solutions that I suggest:

  1. Don't allow comments less than N characters in this tracker
  2. Deny comments consisting only of "+1" (stripped of whitespace) with an error message, explaining that user should use voting feature
  3. Automatically convert "+1" to votes

In my personal opinion, the third solution is the best.

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  1. Erik van Zijst


    We can't prevent people from typing "+1", but we did add voting recently. I suggest you use that instead:

  2. Алексей Стрелков reporter
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    Erik, thanks for the comment, but this does not really fix the issue. People need to get used to the voting system - many of them just don't notice it and the "+1" comments won't go away.

    On the one hand, it is annoying to the watchers, but on the other hand, tickets don't get voted because lots of people use "+1" comments instead of voting. That's why I am proposing to do something with the situation, to encourage people to vote.

  3. Dan Loewenherz

    Here's an idea--make it impossible to ignore it. Perhaps a reworking of the comment prompt at the bottom of issues? I just sketched this out in Fireworks. Maybe something like this would work?

  4. Алексей Стрелков reporter

    you can also check for "+1" in comment and when the user clicks "comment" button, prompt him if he wants to vote instead of posting a comment

  5. Juha Kuitunen

    There are still a constant flow of new +1 comments. This issue contains few good suggestions already so please Atlassian, implement at least one of them.

  6. Nick

    Or... Do not send out email notifications if all the message says is +1.

    I basically unwatch all issues since this is just spamming my inbox.

  7. Avi Schwab

    To add to the conversation, implemented this feature and it did an amazing job at cleaning up their issue queue. screenshot

    There are a lot of good ideas in this thread. I like the idea of having a Vote option both at the top and in close proximity to the comment box. The comment above is a great sketch of that functionality. We could also add some text to the right of (or as a tooltip over) the Vote box along the lines of "Want to keep an eye on this issue and show your support? Vote for the issue and you'll be notified when new comments are posted."

  8. Mike Schinkel

    One reason people may add a +1 is so they can know it they will be visible showing support. That's different from voting (currently.) What might resolve some of it is to make it obvious and easy to show a list of the people who upvoted, and allow a one line comment for their upvote in case they want to elaborate.

  9. Johannes M

    @dlo Good suggestion. Just add an additional pop-up for voting to the existing one to the right.

  10. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    A solution that detects +1 comments and tries to guide the user towards voting was deployed.

  11. Alexander Prokhorov

    Only "+1" comments are detected, "+1 I need this!!!" is considered acceptable. Well, at least something.

    I miss "Cancel" button in the "Vote/Comment" popup. There's a "Cancel" button if the user already voted, but cancelling is impossible if there's no vote yet. And "Comment" button looks too similar "Cancel", I actually confused them.

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