Show merge commit ID on merged pull requests (BB-8953)

Issue #7806 resolved
Craig Otis
created an issue

When viewing a merged pull request, it would be extremely beneficial to list the commit ID associated with the merge commit.

On a page with the URL pattern:{company}/{repo}/pull-request/{pull-id}/{pull-description}/diff

There is, as best I can tell, no way at all to determine the merge commit associated with the pull request. The only solution is to click the destination repository, then click the branch name, then manually scroll/search through the commit list looking for the pull request.

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  1. Craig Otis reporter

    The benefit of this - we often include both the pull request # and the commit ID in our issue tracker resolution notes/comments. It's also very tedious, once we have a merged pull request #, to go find that merge commit in a local copy of the Git repository without a textual search.

  2. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Craig,

    Not sure if you've found this feature yet or not, but this is currently available. When viewing a merged pull request, click on the destination branch name to get more details about the merge. The hash of the merge commit should be listed.

    Sorry this was hidden for so long!


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