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Issue #7808 resolved

Creating a new repository should offer to create repository with an initial commit (git/hgignore, readme, etc) (BB-8955)

Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

As the title suggests, there should be an option to initialize a new repository with a skeleton of data.

Comments (15)

  1. Jeroen Wiert Pluimers

    I like this idea. The .hgignore and README files were the first ones I wanted to add. Another one was going to be the License (in my case: BSD).

    One of the things you could look into is the License Creation Wizard that CodePlex uses. Upon repository creation, they let you choose the base license template, then have you fill in the blanks. That would be another perfect file for an initial commit.

    Example: https://besharp.codeplex.com/license

  2. Daniel Espadina

    Here you can find a plugin I developed to have a default .gitignore. I'll try to find time to add tests. You could easily modify the code to include other files apart from the .gitignore (or I could do it myself if there is enough interest)

  3. Shane Spencer

    It would be super nice to have templates (via dropdown) as well as project and account oriented .gitignore templates if a bitbucket/community maintained version isn't going to happen.

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