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  1. Andrew Hawthorne

    It's been nearly nine months since this was marked as a blocker... I'd really like to be able to determine which repos a given user is a part of without having to manually look at every repo.

  2. Mike Dawson

    This section is poorly named. The critical aspect of this section is that it is the only centralized place one can determine who has access to a repository. Currently it is completely broken for our team and this is a security management issue.

  3. Jeff Leombruno

    Same problem here. We have 131 repositories (and more added every week) and 17 people with direct access to various repos. I absolutely need a way to see which repos this people have access too.

  4. Reinier Teding van Berkhout

    We have the same issue. Is there an ETA known already? It is open for a long time already and I would expect this to be fixed soon. A workaround would also be nice to have in the mean while.

    PS: I find it strange to see that this issue has the status blocker if there has notting been changed in the last 1,5 year. Are you sure this is the right priority??!?!?!?!

  5. Mike Dawson

    I assume there are not enough people concerned about this to vote for it. The only workaround right now is to write your own script that calls the api and loops through all your repos.

  6. David LeBrun

    With the new changes to the UI layout for the "User groups" page that no longer displays the usernames of the members of each individual group, this is now even more of a blocker. Before I used to be able to do a text-search on the page for the user's name i'm interested in, but now I have to click the link to each of my user groups' pages (of which there are many) and do an individual text-search on each of the pages.

    Not to mention that there is still no tractable way to determine who has access to which repos.

    This is really annoying

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