Race condition in javascript watchers link (BB-8986)

Issue #7818 resolved
Vitamin Team
created an issue

Bug in issue info panel.

Steps to reproduce: 1. create issue 2. press Stop watching - watcher count became 0 3. press Watch this issue

Expected result: watcher count need to be 1 Actual result: watcher count "-1"

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  1. Vitamin Team reporter

    Hey, it seems that it is javascript issue. Just try to click many times on Stop watch/Watch this issue link and you get negative number in Watchers field. Like in screen:

  2. Erik van Zijst staff

    I had a closer look and it's race condition in the javascript. If you click multiple times in quick succession, the javascript counter in the page can get out of sync.

    A reload of the page restores order though. I can raise an internal issue for if you want.

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