Incorrect redirection when following from Anonymous or non-AJAX request

Issue #782 duplicate
Bruno created an issue

When I'm not logged in and I want to follow a repository, I'm redirected to a login page:

When I validate the login form, it doesn't redirect to the project's page but does lots of follow/unfollow requests. The behaviour is the same when going to:

as a logged in user.

See the attached picture, I have quite a lot of messages :)

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  1. Craig McQueen

    This exact issue just happened to me. I was looking at: and I clicked "follow" while I wasn't logged on. I entered my OpenID URL, it didn't need to get my password because my OpenID provider found a cookie. bitbucket went into an endless loop of follow/stop following, until Firefox 3.5 said it had detected unending redirections. Then I clicked "Try again" in FF and it was okay from there.

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