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Issue #7823 closed

Compare View cannot sync new branches into forked repos (without merging) (BB-9001)

Efren Gonzalez
created an issue

I have forked a mercurial repo, and after a branch is created on the original, I can only sync changes from its "default" branch. Branches fail in "compare" function even. When I chose one of my own repos, and try to compare between branches, the webinterface gets into a loop and fails to compare.

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  1. Efren Gonzalez reporter

    Another way to test this is by going to Commits > Feature branches, going to a branch other than default, and selecting "Compare".

    2 Different results: 1) Commit > Feature branches > Click on Compare (link) : goes to URL "https://bitbucket.org/biarrinetworks/fibre/compare/Release 2.27..#diff" and breaks 2) Commit > Feature branches > Click on Compare (link) of an older branch "render_redesign" > Select branch with errors from drop down menu : goes to URL "https://bitbucket.org/biarrinetworks/fibre/compare/Release%202.27..#diff" and works

    Could there be a problem then with branch names with spaces?

  2. Noon Silk

    I work with Efren, and can confirm that i can at least compare branches now; but I am not in a position to try the sync action. (Not sure if that would've been failing for the same reason.)

  3. Efren Gonzalez reporter

    Hi Erik, Thank you very much for your response. I confirm that I had tried in Firefox and Chrome before. I checked that it's working now. Yet the original problem, for which I logged the issue is still remaining, as the Sync of my personal fork of the main repo, gives me no possibility of syncing a new branch that has to be pulled from the original into my personal fork. The steps where as follows: 1) Main repo exists on team account with "default" branch and other older branches 2) I fork this repo and work using this fork, and when I want my changes on the main one, I pull request from my fork into the main. This allows me even to create a new branch on the fork, and when doing the pull request I can also make it create the new branch on the main repo 3) After some time, whenever default has new commits on the main repo, my fork warns me about Sync and allows me to sync changes to my fork. 4 ) If a new branch appears on the main repo, however , I am not able to pull it into my fork with syncing, or even when I go to the "Compare" menus. At most I could compare the new branch from the main, with some branch in my fork, but I don't have the option to create this new branch in my repo.

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