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Issue #7835 resolved

Cannot manage development keys

Matheus E. Muller
created an issue

I'm currently unable to add, edit, or remove development keys on any of my repositories - that is, all buttons on the "development keys" page are non-functional.

The following JS error is visible:

SyntaxError: missing } after function body @ https://d3oaxc4q5k2d6q.cloudfront.net/m/2092fb5ae2ae/amd/build/main.js:10

The error persists on Firefox (22) and Chrome (latest).

Comments (10)

  1. Nicolas Venegas


    I cannot reproduce this on Mac OS X in Firefox (22.0) or Chrome (28.0.1500.71).

    Are you all still seeing this problem? If so, do you still see it after a hard refresh of the page, i.e., hold SHIFT and press the refresh button.



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