Browse source hyperlink area is too small - move anchor to row element

Issue #7837 wontfix
Ataul created an issue

Browsing through source is a bit of a pain as the hyperlink is only active if you click on the text, which is too small an area to click for quick drilling down, and doesn't help because the length of the clickable area changes depending on the text.

Counter-intuitively, the entire row has an "onHover" attribute, implying that the row is a hyperlink.

Could the anchor be moved to the row?

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Yes, we've considered this too. However, the rows we use on the source browser are the same widgets as the ones on the commits page and many other places.

    In some places, rows have multiple columns which each contain clickable content. On the commits page for instance, the author field link to a profile page, the SHA to a diff page and the optional branch and tag labels to branch pages.

    So we could never have a single destination for an entire row, but the onHover does highlight the entire row, which is a little weird and so we've decided to just stick with the links themselves.

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